Thanks to our Friends at Moms of Fairfield !

We are very grateful to all of our new friends from the Moms of Fairfield website.  You have very kindly spread the word about our local apiary, our honey and candles, and our efforts to  educate people of all ages about the importance of honey bees in sustaining our ecosystem.  

Customers, we hope you will share your experience at the Apiary with your friends and contacts on social media.  We must confess that we are not very technologically savvy and we don't have an active Facebook page.  Therefore, we are so thankful when you use your own social networks to share your experiences and your opinions about our products.

Thank You!  

Kind words from our customers


Thank you for the wonderful honey from your lovely home to ours,

It was my mom (Sandy)and friend (David’s pleasure meeting you today.

I am having a hot cup of tea with Monkeys Pocket Honey!

Thank you and we will see you again!

All my best Christopher J.Olayos 4/24/2020

A Really Cool Story

It takes a lot of bravery to face our fears.  I will take a guess that many readers can think of something they are super afraid of. Maybe it's spiders, snakes, the sight of blood, heights, a dark room...... you know what that 'thing' is for you.

Recently we had the honor of meeting with a young Fairfielder who was afraid of bees.  The sound of buzzing was scary.  He thought that bees might chase him and sting him.

He decided that he was going to learn more about bees and their importance in the world.  His dad came to our apiary and bought two childrens' books about bees and they spent a few days reading them together.  

The next week, this brave boy and his mom came to visit me and my husband Chris at the apiary.  We sat on the back deck and watched the bees work from afar.  We saw how busily they flew to the trees and flowers gathering nectar and pollen and then flew back to the hive to deliver their heavy loads. They were working so hard that they pretty much ignored us.

However, as we were talking, one tired bee flew up onto the deck near where we were sitting. Chris picked up the bee and, because she was pretty tired from flying all day, she sat quietly on his hand. Chris started talking to her (he always talks to the bees as he works in the hives). Before long, this brave boy started talking to her, too.  He even decided that he wanted to hold his new bee friend as he quietly talked to her. 

Talk about brave! This young man faced his fear and learned that the buzzing sound he had been afraid of was just the sound of the bee beating her wings more than 200 times a second. He learned that honey bees are usually busy working, not stinging.  He left the apiary with self-confidence, knowledge, and self-esteem.

It was a beautiful day for all of us.