Adopt-a Hive Program


What is the Adopt-a Hive Program?

Adopt-a Hive Program  is for people who can’t keep bees on their own property but want to help promote honeybee proliferation and pollination, and do their part to save the planet. 

  • Participants will receive a scheduled  visit to our apiary to ‘meet your bees’.
  • We will send you a photo of ‘your’ hive,  an adoption certificate, a few e-mail updates on the status of your hive through the season, and 
  • bottles of honey from your hive (or, in case of a dead-out, from another hive at the Apiary).
  • Includes free bottling of your honey – available for you to pick up in October or November for your own use or for holiday gift-giving
    • Full hive adoption provides you with 24 pounds of honey and the right to name the hive and the queen ($375)
    • Adopting half a hive share provides you with 12 pounds of honey and the right to select and name your hive ($200)
    • Adopting a quarter share of a hive provides you with 5 pounds of honey and the right to select your hive ($100)

A unique, thoughtful gift that also supports the environment!

Give the gift of education, exquisite flavor, excitement, and ecological caring:

  • Birthday Present?
  • Holiday Gift for the Kids/Grandkids?
  • Special Mother's  or Father's Day Gift?
  • Graduation gift for the environmentally savvy student?

This is it - a gift that keeps on giving ALL YEAR LONG!!


Our services regarding Hives is strictly limited to Langstroth configurations. 

Sorry, No Top Bar, Warré, Skep or Sterling Hives or Colonies.