Equipment for Purchase

Solar Wax Melter

Dead Bee Extractor

Dead Bee Extractor


New premium custom-made solar beeswax melter.  


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Dead Bee Extractor

Dead Bee Extractor

Dead Bee Extractor


This dead bee removal tool is efficient and effective. It was designed and developed by Chris at Monkey's Pocket Apiary so you will never find it anywhere else!


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Custom Built Beehive

Small Hive Beetle Trap

Small Hive Beetle Trap



Basic Hive - w/3 coats of paint -1 Primer, 2 Color


2 / Deep Hive Brood Bodies of Langstroth Configuration

20 Wood Frames w/ Natural Beeswax Foundation 

Entrance Reducer - Painted

Hive Stand & Platform (Roughly 20”)

Screened Bottom Board

Outer Cover - Traditional (Square w/flat roof) 

Feeder - Plastic

3# Package of Bees w/mated Queen

Price varies on Race and time of delivery

$215.00 and up, does not include postage & Insurance (if available) if ordered by U.S.P.S. Includes installation & 1st queen release visit.

Extras Not Included in Price:

Mouse Guard

Queen Excluder $7.50

Outer Cover (Garden Style Insulated Custom Built w/AZEK roof) $75.00

Inner Cover $15.50

Supers (Either Medium or Shallows) Unpainted $37.50

Supers (Either Medium or Shallows) Painted $57.50

20/Frames w/o Foundation for Supers Alone & Unassembled $38.30

20/Natural Beeswax Foundation for Supers Alone & Unassembled $27.50

20/Frames & Foundation Assembled - Glued, Squared, Nailed w/Support Pins - $133.80

30” X 30”X 7” IPM Poured Concrete Slab for Hive Stand $75.00

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Small Hive Beetle Trap

Small Hive Beetle Trap

Small Hive Beetle Trap

 Use this trap any time beetles are present. However, since Small Hive Beetles (S.H.B.) are temperature sensitive, it will be far more effective during late spring to fall.  The SMB is out of the cluster and most active at this time. Included with your beetle trap are wooden spacers that are needed to modify your bottom board to allow the honey bees to enter and exit the hive while the trap is in place.Before installing the Beetle Trap, thoroughly clean and scrape, if necessary, any debris or burr comb from the bottom board that may interfere with the proper placement of the trap. It is critical that the trap is level before adding the vegetable oil.  Directions:Place trap on the bottom and fill ½ full with food approved oil (purchased separately). Place cover on the trap. Do not pour oil through the trap cover, as any spilled oil may cause bee mortality.At this time you may reassemble your hive and start trapping beetles. Care of Your Trap:Periodic cleaning of the traps is necessary. Check traps every 7-14 days.  Tips:The manipulation of your colony will disturb the S.H.B. hiding spots, causing them to move around in the colony and find the trap sooner. Storage and Disposal:After use, discard used oil in an approved manner. Clean traps and store away from direct sunlight and any pesticides.