Hive/Colony Maintenance


Hive/Colony Maintenance:

If you are a NewBee, a busy Bee -Haver, or a Beekeeper with limited experience, we offer hive maintenance for your colonies. 

This includes:

  • A customized plan for your specific needs .
  • Bi-weekly visits which includes colony inspection for growth and health.
  • Frame manipulation if needed & assessment. 
  • Our personal recommendations as to a course to be taken for a positive outcome.
  • Treatments for Varroa and Tracheal Mites which are performed with honey production in mind so as not to contaminate consumable honey either by bees or humans.


  • Bees are animals - as such, they are unpredictable. 
  • Despite a beekeeper's best effort, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will produce enough honey to be harvested, or that they might not swarm.
  • We can't control where bees fly, such as into a neighbor’s yard that has just been treated with pesticides (bringing the toxin back home and causing an almost certain demise of the colony). 
  • Beekeeping Is by no means at all a simple recipe - we can do everything to the best of our ability and still lose a hive overnight
  • Despite all of these qualifiers, beekeeping is a labor of love and we highly recommend it as a relaxing and rewarding hobby : ) 
  • Besides, who doesn't want to help save the planet?


From Our Experience:

All suggestions and opinions rendered are exactly what has worked and proven successful in our 3 apiaries. What works for one Beekeeper might not necessarily work for another. Fact: You can ask 3 established Beekeepers the same question, and receive 3 different answers. 


Our services regarding Hives is strictly limited to Langstroth configurations. 

Sorry, No Top Bar, Warré, Skep or Sterling Hives or Colonies.