Where Can You Purchase our Honey and Products?


At Our Apiary

Stop by and see us at  the Apiary, located at 2788 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield.  You will see our big farm wagon with bright yellow wheels! When we are open, you will see "Local Raw Honey" signs near the road. This is also our home, so just walk all the way up the driveway to the side house door and ring the doorbell. You may choose to call before you visit (203.371.4657) to make sure we are home.

Black Rock Pharmacy

Visit our new friends Scott, Ken, and Susan at Black Rock Pharmacy located at 1838 Black Rock Turnpike Fairfield. This brand new community pharmacy offers exceptional personalized service and carries a selection of our raw, local honey.

Unity Pharmacy

 You can also find our honey at Unity Pharmacy 1326 Post Road Fairfield 203-955-1781.  Say hello to  Naga while you are there!